IP Security Year in Review – 2016

New Security Systems for 2016

By Bob Mesnik

Technology of 2016

2016 will probably be known as the year of the 4K IP cameras.  A number of manufacturers introduced these very high-resolution cameras.

Besides the increased camera resolution, new compression schemes were introduced that reduced bandwidth and storage requirements.  The latest network-attached door readers are now controlled through the cloud.

The readers also include Bluetooth connections that allow your smartphone to be used as the credential.  Video management software was integrated with other devices like door access control and digital cash registers, increasing total security.   Here’s a review of the technology introduced in 2016.

4K IP Cameras

A number of manufacturers introduced 4K cameras. These new cameras used improved larger sensors and enhanced video processing systems that achieve not only excellent resolution but very good low light sensitivity.  Samsung introduced the P Series of 4K cameras, that includes bullet, dome, panoramic, and PTZ cameras. Sony introduced a dome and box 4K camera. Hikvision introduced their 4K bullet, box, and dome cameras.  

Q-Series IP Cameras

We reviewed the 4K cameras.  The testing included the Axis P1428-E, the Hikvision DS-2CD4A85F-IZH, the Samsung PNO-9080R, and the Sony SNC-VM772R.

These manufacturers use larger sensors, with the Sony SNC-VB770 using a 35mm full-frame sensor.  This new Sony camera, which if you can afford it, is the best 4K IP camera we have seen.  It is the only camera that can be used at night when there is only a partial moon in the sky.

New Video Compression, H.265

H.265 compression finally became more of a reality in 2016.   This compression improved on H.264 but required higher performance video processors in the IP cameras.  It also required higher performance decompression computers for the storage system.  Samsung introduced the Q and P Series of cameras, with H.265 compression.

We expect many of the other camera manufacturers to introduce IP cameras with H.265 next year.

IP Door Access Control

isonas cloud access control

2016 was the year of door access cloud management, and the integration with other security systems.   One of the most exciting introductions, was the Isonas Pure Access service, a cloud-based software control for the door access system.

This allows full installation, administration, and management of the Isonas access control hardware from anywhere.  Not only can you use your computer, you can also use a mobile device.

In 2016 Isonas introduced their new RC04 series of door readers.  Now you can select from a number of different models that support RFID, Smart cards, or MiFare, keypads, and even dumb readers (without controllers).

One of the most interesting additions is the ability to use your Smartphone to open the door. With the Isonas Pure Mobile app, your smartphone (using Bluetooth) turns into a credential that can open the door.  

Another significant introduction was the integration of IP door access control systems with IP intercoms that allowed manual door control of visitors using an app on your smartphone.

And, let’s not forget the new fingerprint, facial recognition, and other biometric readers that were introduced.  They provide increased security at a much lower cost.

IP Camera Video and Database Solutions

IP Camera Integration
IP Camera Integration

In the video recording software market, one highlight was the introduction of automated software updates from OnSSI.  Now your video recording software works like many other applications, keeping you safe and up to date without any intervention.

The other highlight for 2016 was the integration of database software from Convergence to Pixels (C2P) with Ocularis 5 VMS from OnSSI.  This allowed Ocularis video management software to be integrated with many different network-attached devices.

The software can be used to integrate the IP door access control system from Isonas, or Point of Sales (POS) systems, as well as any other digital system into the video displays of the video management software.   

This convergence of technology uses the power of a database to search and order the data we have collected while displaying the related video.  Now various security systems can be used more effectively, and provide enhanced security.   

Paging Automation

The most interesting introduction in 2016 was the new Automation Tools software added to the IP Paging systems from Digital Acoustics.  This new software automated the paging system.  It introduced “if this … then that” programming control of audio, as well as triggers from various outside sources.  For example, if a button is pushed, a special announcement is automatically made.  Different inputs or even a time of day can cause different audio messages to be broadcast.  

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