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IP Security Year in Review – 2016

New Security Systems for 2016

By Bob Mesnik

Technology of 2016

2016 will probably be known as the year of the 4K IP cameras.  A number of manufacturers introduced these very high-resolution cameras.

Besides the increased camera resolution, new compression schemes were introduced that reduced bandwidth and storage requirements.  The latest network-attached door readers are now controlled through the cloud.

The readers also include Bluetooth connections that allow your smartphone to be used as the credential.  Video management software was integrated with other devices like door access control and digital cash registers, increasing total security.   Here’s a review of the technology introduced in 2016.

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4K IP Camera Review and Comparison

Resolution, Low Light, and Wide Dynamic Range Test and Shoot-out of 4K IP Cameras

By Francisco Gutierrez-Guerra

IP Camera 4K test

We tested and compared 4K IP cameras from Axis, Hikvision, Samsung, and Sony.

We tested the Axis P1428-E, the Hikvision DS-2CD4A85F-IZH, the Samsung PNO-9080R, and the Sony SNC-VM772R.  We tested the resolution, low light capability, signal-to-noise, and wide dynamic range.

We also looked at the latest Sony SNC-VB770, which if you can afford it, is the best 4K IP camera we have seen.  Here are the results of our testing.

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