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Why Can’t I Recognize a Person With My IP Camera?

What Type of Camera Do I Need?

By Bob Mesnik

IP Camera Resolution Required

There was a break-in at your warehouse, but, you were prepared. Last month you installed a complete IP camera system.  Now you have evidence you can share with the police.

Uh oh! You can’t identify their faces. There are two people in the warehouse, but you can’t tell who they are. Ugh!  What did you do wrong?  You have just discovered that having a surveillance camera, is not enough.  You have to have the right resolution camera and the right lens.

This article reviews what you need to assure you meet your security objective.

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Calculating What You Can See With Your IP Camera

What is the right lens and resolution for your IP camera? When you put together your IP camera system, you want to make sure that the camera you select for each location meets your expectations.  It is important to first know the objectives for each area you are viewing.  Do you want to identify a person’s face, a license plate, or just detect a person walking far away?  In general, the more detail you want, the higher the resolution you need.  This article shows you how to determine the viewing area and distance you should expect.

person image pixels
Resolution Required

Note: this article was updated on 8/15/2017 to correct an error in calculation.

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