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Integration of Audio and Video in IP Camera Systems

The Jazz Singer Movie Poster

Back in 1927 audiences were amazed by the latest motion picture technology.   The “Jazz Singer” was the first full-length motion picture to incorporate synchronized dialogue.  The new “talkies” had come of age.  Today we are seeing the introduction of audio into our video security systems.  The confluence of IP cameras, IP intercoms, and IP paging systems are enabling more versatile security and control systems.

IP camera systems have been around since 1996.  They changed the way CCTV surveillance cameras transported and recorded the video.  IP cameras have included two-way audio for many years, but this capability was not used effectively.  Adding audio was not as easy as it appeared.  There were many problems to be solved, including audio feedback, background noise, and microphone sensitivity.  The addition of special audio filters and feedback control made this technology more viable.  Today we see new opportunities created by adding intercoms to IP camera systems.  Intercoms can also be integrated with IP door access control readers, providing a complete door control system.

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The Ubiquitous Intercom

old intercom

The intercom has been with us for a long time, although we rarely acknowledge its presence. That’s because an intercom on its best behavior prefers to avoid the limelight and let the voice take all the attention.

Like any staple of technology, the Intercommunication Device has seen its share of change over the years.

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