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How to Select the Right IP Video Intercom

Selecting the best video Intercom for your application.

By Bob Mesnik

IP Intercom over cloud

The audio and video quality are important features when selecting IP video intercoms.  You can select Video Intercoms that connect through IP cameras to Windows workstations, or others that communicate through cloud servers to smartphones.

The right type of intercom depends on your application.  Intercoms, that connect to Video Management Software (VMS), integrate with your IP camera surveillance system.  The other type of video intercoms connect through the cloud to a smartphone rather than a Windows computer.

Both systems integrate with IP door access control systems and allow you to grant access to visitors and anyone that doesn’t have a credential.

In a previous article, “How to Select the Best IP Intercom” we described the features and functions that should be considered when selecting audio IP intercoms.  This article focuses on the intercoms that include video.

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The Ubiquitous Intercom

old intercom

The intercom has been with us for a long time, although we rarely acknowledge its presence. That’s because an intercom on its best behavior prefers to avoid the limelight and let the voice take all the attention.

Like any staple of technology, the Intercommunication Device has seen its share of change over the years.

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