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Comparison of the Classic Analog Paging System to the PA over IP Systems

Paging over IP Diagram

This article compares central analog amplifiers to distributed digital network attached amplifiers.

The latest IP paging systems utilize the Ethernet network to distribute sound over your organization.  This is quite different than the classic systems that used a large central amplifier with wires to all the speakers. How good is this new approach to paging?

The following article compares the traditional approach that utilizes one large amplifier to the latest PA over IP systems.

The classic method of providing a paging system was to connect many speakers to a central very large amplifier.  The latest IP amplifier method is much more flexible.  It connects a few speakers to many small network attached amplifiers that are distributed around the organization.  You can attach several speakers to one small IP amplifier or attach one CAT5 ready IP speaker directly to the network.  Here’s a comparison the two types of systems.

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