Technology Articles of 2022

Educational Articles About Security Technology

Tech Articles of 2022
Tech Articles of 2022

Following years of uncertainty—and a global pandemic that has proven to be one of the most challenging events in history—we forged on. In 2022 we continued to publish technical articles that informed and educated the security market.

This article summarizes some of the technical topics we covered in our newsletter.

The year 2022 was a year of significant advances in technology. Autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, and the internet of things made great strides. Engineers used Artificial Intelligence to automate more tasks, making life easier. The new chat bott, ChatGPT, demonstrated the future of autonomous writing. It could be used to create natural-sounding text, such as some of the content in this document.

Technical Articles of 2022

In 2022 we provided many articles about security technology. These technical articles are an important source of information for professionals in the security field. We strove to ensure that the pieces were accurate, precise, and contained technical detail. Doing so helped to ensure that our readers had an accurate and up-to-date understanding of the technology.

IP Camera System Articles

In 2022 we covered articles that helped our customers understand IP camera system technology, how to troubleshoot the systems, and camera comparisons.

IP Camera System Troubleshooting

IP Camera System Troubleshooting
IP Camera System Troubleshooting

Kintronics’ Article on IP Camera System Troubleshooting provides readers with a guide to help diagnose and repair common issues with IP camera systems. The article outlines common issues such as power, cabling, and network problems and provides step-by-step instructions on identifying and resolving them.

The Evolution of IP Camera Systems

This Article from Kintronics provides an overview of the evolution of IP camera systems. It begins by discussing the early analog systems, then moves on to the advantages of digital IP cameras, such as improved image quality, compatibility with other systems, scalability, and ease of installation. It also covers how IP cameras are now being used to provide more intelligent surveillance with analytics and limited artificial intelligence. Finally, it looks at the future of IP camera systems, highlighting how Artificial Intelligence can alert security whenever an incident occurs. Read more…

How the IP Camera Works

This article explains how an IP camera works by breaking it down into its main components: a lens, digital sensor, image processor, image processor, image compression, video storage, central processing unit, and network interface. The article describes how each component works. Read more…

Door Access Control Articles

Door access control has gotten easier to install yet much more powerful. It increases the safety of people and the security of the organization. Here are some of the articles we provided last year.

Access Controller Comparison
Access Controller Comparison

Door Readers for Everyone

This article provides a comparison of door readers used in access control systems. There are a variety of readers, including card readers, smartphone readers, biometric readers, and keypad readers. The door readers can connect to a controller or can include built-in controllers.

The biometric readers provide the highest level of security, while the RFID-type readers cost less. This article compares the pros and cons of different readers. Read more…

How Access Control Works

Access control is a security system used to limit access to a physical space. It uses authentication, authorization, and accountability to ensure that only authorized users can access a specific area. The article explains the different components of access control, such as key cards, biometrics, and card readers, and how they function together to provide secure access. Finally, the article covers the inner workings of all the components of an access control system. Read more…

Comparison of Long-Range Door Access Control

Long-range access control systems extend the capability of door access control systems. The standard access control systems have a card-to-reader range in inches, while the long-range readers have a range of over 25 ft.  When you want to open a gate to a parking garage door from your vehicle, it’s easier to use the long-range reader system.

This article compares long-range access control with a credential to one that uses mobile or smartphone credentials. Read more…

Paging and Intercom Articles

These articles describe IP paging and intercoms over the network. The system uses IP-based technology to broadcast audio to multiple locations. Here are some of the articles that describe the technology.

IP Paging and Intercom Systems
IP Paging and Intercom Systems

How the IP-Powered Speakers and Intercoms Work

The article describes all the components of an intercom and digital paging system.

An IP Paging System is a network-attached audio device that converts digital signals to audio. These network-attached speakers include amplification so that many people can hear the message. The system also includes software used for managing and controlling the audio. The IP Audio system includes speakers, intercoms, audio amplifiers, and management software.

How the Apartment Intercom Works

The latest lobby intercoms include a large touchscreen panel, intercom, camera, and wireless connections to the tenant’s phones. This multi-tenant intercom system connects from the lobby intercom station to an app on each person’s smartphone.

This article reviews the apartment Intercon’s state-of-the-art components making this a valuable and easy-to-install system for apartment houses and multi-tenant organizations.

IP Intercoms for Controlling the Door

The IP intercom attaches to the network and uses Power over Ethernet (PoE). They use an audio protocol like VoIP SIP that makes them compatible with VoIP phones. These industrial intercoms include a door relay that controls the electric lock. The robust relay can handle the current and voltage required by almost all electric locks. Read more…

Summary of Technical Articles of 2022

We have written over 200 technical articles that covered IP camera systems, door access control, Intercoms and paging systems, and other technologies. In the last year, we have written articles covering how things work, selecting the right product, and getting the best value for your security equipment. In this article, we used ChatGPT to help write some of the article summaries. We discovered it could create some interesting content, but it also made stuff up that we had to edit.

Have a great 2023, and don’t worry about AI taking over your job, just yet.

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