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IP Camera Low Light Test and Evaluation – Sony vs Samsung vs Axis

Samsung SSDR off WDR off

We tested a number of IP cameras so we could recommend the right camera for low light level applications.

Other key features include resolution, wide dynamic range, and frame rate, which we evaluated in our other posts.

In our latest product test, we compared the low light performance of the new Sony SNC-VM630, Samsung SNV-6084R, and Axis P3384 IP cameras.

The Samsung dome IP camera includes a built-in IR illuminator which we turned off for the test.

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Understanding IP Camera Resolution Specifications

Resolution Test Chart
Resolution Test Chart

Resolution is a critical metric for selecting the right IP camera for your surveillance system. After all, if we want to be able to read the license plate on a car in the parking lot, we need to have enough resolution. But how is resolution measured? Can we rely on the manufacturer’s specification and what other factors affect the image that you finally see?

In the old days of B/W analog cameras, we used a test chart to determine the resolution of the camera. Today’s megapixel color IP cameras require more complex measurement techniques. This article will help you understand the resolution specification so you can select the best camera for your application.

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