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Seeing in the Dark

Very low light optical cameras, IR illumination, and thermal cameras are options for seeing in the dark.

Owl at Night

It was a dark night with just a small sliver of the moon shining through the trees. The mouse nosed its way through the underbrush using its nose to find small nuts and berries.  Unknown to the mouse there was something watching from a tree limb high above. The owl was able to see the mouse clearly even though there was hardly any light.  Poor mouse.  He had no idea he was in trouble.

How does the owl see in the dark?  This article describes the various ways that animals, and more importantly, video cameras can see in the dark. We discuss how cameras make use of the limited light available, IP cameras that use IR illumination and thermal cameras that use thermal imaging technologies.

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Just What is a PTZ Camera?

As the name implies, what gives Pan/ Tilt/ Zoom cameras their range is the combination of

Pan Tilt Zoom camera
  • A motorized pan/tilt camera head with enough left/right horizontal range  (pan) and up/down vertical movement (tilt ) to cover a large area plus…..
  • A high-resolution lens that can zoom in to discern detail and zoom out again.
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IP Camera Low Light Test and Evaluation – Sony vs Samsung vs Axis

Samsung SSDR off WDR off

We tested a number of IP cameras so we could recommend the right camera for low light level applications.

Other key features include resolution, wide dynamic range, and frame rate, which we evaluated in our other posts.

In our latest product test, we compared the low light performance of the new Sony SNC-VM630, Samsung SNV-6084R, and Axis P3384 IP cameras.

The Samsung dome IP camera includes a built-in IR illuminator which we turned off for the test.

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Situational Awareness and IP Technology

Emergency Situation

Is it just me, or does it seem as if each morning we turn on the news only to find yet another incidence of first responders selflessly putting their lives on the line to remedy a situation? Some days it’s a man-made tragedy like a mass shooting or a hostage-taking, other times it’s an act of nature like a mud slide, sinkhole or a wildfire roaring out of control as it edges ever nearer to hillside homes.

We’re seeing the big picture, the situation from all angles, but have you ever thought about what it’s like for the individual responder, limited to only what his five senses tell him? That’s why situational awareness is of critical importance, and why it is important to make use of IP camera systems and other available technology to facilitate this awareness.

The Bubble

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