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IP Paging Systems for Schools

How to select the speakers and the number required in your school

IP Paging System Concept in school

IP paging speaker placement and sound volume settings are key to providing clear sound in the school. Whether there is a general announcement or an emergency message, it’s important that the instructions can be heard and understood by everyone.

Network attached IP speakers are easy to install, but they must be placed in the right location, and the sound volume must be correct so that all locations are covered with clear sound.

This article provides guidelines for selecting the right IP paging speakers for your school. The article also helps you determine the number of speakers you need, and the amplification required.

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How IP Powered Speakers Work

IP powered speakers connect to a PoE type network switch.

PA-powered speakers illustration

The speakers include built-in amplifiers. They use PoE, so no additional power connections are required. Just plug the speaker into your network switch.

Each speaker can be addressed individually by the paging software. You can make a page to a single speaker, a group of speakers, or to all the speakers on the network.  These IP powered speakers are very easy to install and provide excellent flexibility.

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Selecting the Right Speakers for Your IP Paging System

Speakers for school classroom

One of the most important components in a paging system is the speakers.  So before we define any paging system, we start by determining the amount of sound required at each location.

Once we know the type of sound required, we can select the right speaker. After we have defined the speakers, we can determine the right amplifier to use.

What’s the best speaker for you?  Well it depends on a number of things. 

For example, do you want to hear music or just voice paging? The type of speaker also depends on how large an area you want to cover with sound. The background noise and where you want to place the speaker is also important.  It may be necessary to select a different speaker for each location.  This article reviews how to select the right speaker for the job.  We will review the sound output which is measured in decibels (dB), the sound quality (or frequency range), and the power required at the speaker.

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