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In Cases of Emergency

school building

An emergency once set in motion,  can not be taken back. All we can do is assess the situation, spread the word, then throw roadblocks in its way.  No one knows this better than those responsible for school safety.

Whether it’s the principal, vice-principal, or security officer, all he or she can do when an emergency looms is is learn as much as he/she can, and based on the specific situation, alert teachers and students in classrooms – and oh, yes, hope that the countless hours spent in repetitive fire, evacuation, or lock-down drills have taken root.

The good news is that if the school is protected by an IP Physical Security System, they’ll have a head start.

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What Twenty-First Century Security Guards Need to Know About IP Cameras

IP Camera Security Systems

Today’s security professional’s duties bear little resemblance to those of the security guard of the mid-twentieth century. Gone are the days when padlocks and fences were sufficient to keep intruders at bay; back when a guard’s duties consisted of making patrols and authorizing admittance consisted of the wave of a hand.

When the twenty-first century ushered in the adoption of IP camera systems, a new era of security dawned. Anyone hoping to become a security professional today needs, at the very minimum, working knowledge of IP cameras and video management software.

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