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In Cases of Emergency

school building

An emergency once set in motion,  can not be taken back. All we can do is assess the situation, spread the word, then throw roadblocks in its way.  No one knows this better than those responsible for school safety.

Whether it’s the principal, vice-principal, or security officer, all he or she can do when an emergency looms is is learn as much as he/she can, and based on the specific situation, alert teachers and students in classrooms – and oh, yes, hope that the countless hours spent in repetitive fire, evacuation, or lock-down drills have taken root.

The good news is that if the school is protected by an IP Physical Security System, they’ll have a head start.

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Three Pointers to Help Get the Most Out of Your IP Camera Surveillance System

Samsung IP Surveillance Camera

IP surveillance camera systems are here to stay. You know it. We know it. Criminals know it. The Police know it. As we mentioned in our last post, the surveillance video can be supremely valuable to the police— or it can be totally worthless. To summon more of the former, and less of the latter, police department after police department has taken to giving advice and offering assistance to citizens wishing to install cameras. They all cite the same three factors that can make or break a video’s forensic value.

  • line of sight
  • lighting
  • maintenance

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