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Selecting the Right Equipment for Your IP Camera Surveillance System

How do you select the right equipment for your IP camera system?  The surveillance system is more than just the IP camera. It also includes the video recording system, lens, lighting, camera enclosures, network switches, and mounting brackets.  Everything has to work together so you get the security system you expected.

IP camera system

Selecting the right equipment for your security system can be quite complicated. Sometimes it’s like putting together a puzzle.  We need to make sure we have the right camera, but does the camera work with all the other equipment?

We would like to be notified of alarm conditions, but does the video recording system provide alarm notification?  We would like to mount the camera on a pole, but does the camera include image stabilization?  As we decide on one thing, it can affect other parts of the system.

In this article, we provided a real-life surveillance example and then defined a complete surveillance system.

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Head to Head Comparison of Sony and Axis Dome IP Cameras

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We are often asked, what is the best IP camera for my security or surveillance system? Over the last year, we tested a number of different IP cameras. We compared their published specifications and more importantly how they actually performed in our tests. We found that sometimes the less expensive camera can be a much better value.

In the following head to head test, we compared the Sony SNC-VM601 to the Axis P3384V.  Both of these dome IP cameras have similar specifications and provide the latest wide dynamic range (WDR) capability. The test determined which camera provided the best value and performance.

We compared camera resolution, low light sensitivity, wide dynamic range, and actual usage in a specific application. Of course, these are not the only characteristics to consider, but we have found these to be the most important in many applications.  Here are the results:

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