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IP Access Control System Comparison

What is the Best IP Door Access System for You?

door access choice concept

The first IP door access control system was introduced by Isonas around the year 2000. This was revolutionary at the time because each door reader included the intelligence that was typically provided by a control box. It took many years for this new technology to be accepted by the access control industry. Most security dealers were used to the centralized controller boxes with Wiegand readers at each door. Today IP door access systems are replacing the older centralized systems. This article provides a summary of the IP network attached door access control systems with the pros and cons of each type of system.

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Door Access Control – Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Door Access Questions and Answers

Door access control questions

Door access control systems provide security for business, school, government organizations. Access control has become more important as the need for improved safety has increased.

How does door access control work, what is the most secure access control system, and why do I need door access control management software are some of the questions and answers provided.

The following list of frequently asked questions is provided to help you learn more about the technology.

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