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Door Access Control – Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Door Access Questions and Answers

Door access control questions

Door access control systems provide security for business, school, government organizations. Access control has become more important as the need for improved safety has increased.

How does door access control work, what is the most secure access control system, and why do I need door access control management software are some of the questions and answers provided.

The following list of frequently asked questions is provided to help you learn more about the technology.

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Evolution of Access Control: From the Keys in Your Pocket to The Eyes on Your Face

Door Access Using a Key

Remember when access control was limited to fitting a key into a lock and turning? You know the drill. You probably used one to lock your door this morning, and you’ll use it again when you go home this evening. Turn it one way you retract the deadbolt that holds the door closed and gains access. Turn it the other way, you fit it back into place, denying access to anyone without a key. Unfortunately, the lock and key system is an ancient innovation that is not up to the challenge of many of today’s security needs; this is where we need to upgrade to IP camera systems, electronic access cards, biometrics, and other modern technology.

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