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How Digital Processing in the IP camera Improves Video Quality

Movement Smear

The latest IP cameras have much better video quality than the early analog CCTV cameras.  Even though they both capture video, IP cameras do it dramatically better.  The reason; they contain high performance digital processing computers.   The computers provide reduced noise, improved wide dynamic range, reduced smearing, and enhanced low light performance.

This article reviews how these processors work and why they are important to the total IP camera system performance.

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How Motion Detection Works in IP Camera Systems

Many IP cameras include motion detection capability. It is also available using video management software (VMS) or a network video recorder (NVR).   This is a very important analytic function because it controls when an alarm is triggered and when the video is recorded.

Motion detection seems to be a simple concept.  All we do is compare one frame to another and look for things that change.   For example, a moving white ball can trigger an alarm by comparing two frames.

white ball motion detect

Well, it isn’t that simple.  The early engineers who worked on motion detection discovered that this was a difficult engineering problem. Back in the 1970’s, I worked on a project to detect moving particles in fluids.  What I discovered was that it is sometimes difficult to discern the difference between a moving object and signal noise.

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