Author: Virginia Fair

Wireless IP Security Cameras and Perimeter Protection

Samsung Wireless Camera

The question is Who needs wireless IP security cameras?

The answer is schools, transport companies, oil companies, entertainment venues, and construction sites.

Wireless IP cameras  are the perfect solution to the problem of monitoring areas beyond the scope of traditional network cameras.

IP surveillance camera systems

They can be mounted close to their intended subject and connect to high performance radios with directional antennas that use their own wireless protocol to stream high bandwidth video to the VMS.

(For a detailed explanation of how wireless IP cameras work, see our earlier post)

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Emergency IP Paging Using Panic Buttons

school lock down

Emergency paging increases safety because it provides immediate notification of dangerous situations.  By adding panic buttons, you can make these emergency pages very quickly.

Push the button and the paging system will let everyone know that the school is in lockdown, or that they should exit the building.  These prerecorded announcements can cover many emergency situations.

Of course, you don’t have to use just the panic buttons, a person can still make a manual announcement.  Since IP Paging systems connect to your network, they can handle many different emergency situations.  They also can be used not only in one building, but in multiple buildings, or even on multiple campuses.

Here’s how to add an emergency IP paging system that includes panic buttons to your organization.

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Access Control and Electric Locks for Secure Cabinets

Electric Locks for Secure Cabinets

When most people think of access control systems,  they  picture authorized personnel using a credential and keypad to gain entry to a secured office building or complex. But did you know door access control can be applied to storage cabinets and drawers as well?

Small electric cabinet locks are ideal for situations where security dictates that certain items not only be kept under lock and key, but also that access be limited to authorized persons.  These cabinet locks are just as secure as door control locks yet small enough to mount on cabinets and drawers. Since authorized users must use their access credentials to unlock them, a record is kept of who opened them and when.

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IP Access Control + Bluetooth = Germ Protection


In these days when Ebola is ravaging West Africa and Enterovirus D68 is sending children home from school, it is especially troubling to learn that Chinese health researchers testing thirty-eight ATMs in downtown Taipei, found an astonishing average of 1,200 germs – per key! Included in the count were E.coli, as well as cold and flu viruses.

The most deadly key? Enter – which if you think about it makes perfect sense –  every transaction ends with a hit to the enter key.

Scary, huh? Now think about the access control keypad you use every morning to gain access to your office building or facility. 

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Can Drones Help Firefighters Contain Wildfires?

Rim Fire in California

2014 is proving to be a historic year for wildfire activity in California and the Pacific Northwest. The National Fire Inter-Agency Center, in a report they update daily, put the combined number of fire-ravaged acres in California, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington, to date, at over half-million. Due to the prolonged drought in California, the number of wildfires in that state alone is 123% of the state’s average – and we’re only halfway into August.

With local firefighters working round the clock and, out-of-state teams journeying cross country to join them, one has to wonder if drones and IP camera systems might be able to play an assisting role.

Adding Drones to the Mix

Last year, during the Rim Fire in California that destroyed 257,314 acres in Yosemite National Park and the surrounding Sierra Nevada Mountains, the National Guard launched a Predator Drone to aid firefighters by using infrared sensors to detect hot spots along the fire’s perimeters or in isolated spots.

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A New Role for IP Camera Systems – Operations Manager

Multiscreen for IP camera surveillance systems

In this business era, when companies are focusing on getting the best return on their investment, a sizable number are looking towards extending their use of IP camera surveillance systems beyond security and into overseeing business operations.

According to a recent issue of Security Watch Info, a survey in which IT and video surveillance professionals were asked what their business plans were for video surveillance revealed that 68% of respondents plan to use their IP camera systems for improving operations while 32% planned to restrict their usage to security.

Many retail businesses with more than one outlet, perhaps because they are already familiar with how IP cameras systems and video management software deliver remote real-time multi-screen viewing of several locations, have already made the move.

Managers feel that using the cameras will improve their ability to:

  • manage multiple locations
  • monitor everyday business activities
  • track employees over the course of a day
  • keep a watchful eye on inventory and sensitive customer and business data

They are particularly fond of VMS’s ability to record and store video and easily access it for future viewing and plant to use it for:

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IP Camera Tech Support in Action

bug in the system

Bug, now that’s a word that covers a lot of ground.

  • Eeck, there’s a bug on the table.
  • I’m sick. I have some kind of bug.
  • Don’t bug me!
  • Bug off!
  • I love my Volkswagen bug.

And then there’s dreaded. There’s a bug in the system.  Our customers rarely find a bug in the IP cameras Kintronics sells, but in the rare instances one finds its way in,  they can rest assure we won’t rest until we’ve debugged the system.

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The Ubiquitous Intercom

old intercom

The intercom has been with us for a long time, although we rarely acknowledge its presence. That’s because an intercom on its best behavior prefers to avoid the limelight and let the voice take all the attention.

Like any staple of technology, the Intercommunication Device has seen its share of change over the years.

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Biometric Authentication – the New Kid on the Access Control Block

digital face

Once residing only in the realm of science fiction, biometric authentication has moved into our everyday worlds. And if it’s not part of yours, hold on, it soon will be.

Once upon a time a driver’s license or photo ID was all it took to gain access to a secure building. Life was simpler then. But then, terrorism reared its loathsome head and made it apparent that these simple tokens of identification are woefully inadequate. Today’s security climate demands that secure access control be based on identity authentication. It is not enough that a person may already have security clearance.

Biometric authentication has stepped up to fill that need since the cardinal rule of authentication is that proof of identity be based on a trait or characteristic that is unique to the person, not just a piece of plastic or badge that has the potential of being misappropriated.

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Thermal Imaging Cameras Take on a New Health Role in Light of Ebola Crisis

A Center for Disease Control advisory states “People who have been exposed to Ebola should not travel on commercial airlines until there is a period of monitoring for symptoms of illness lasting 21 days after exposure. “This has presented a conundrum for officials in West Africa, especially airport security workers. How to determine symptoms in passengers who are in their presence for but a few moments? One solution they’ve been employing is to take temperatures, a time-consuming practice.

thermal imaging camera

Might using thermal Imaging cameras speed up the process?

Since one of the symptoms of Ebola is a temperature of 101.5 or more, temperature-taking has emerged as a daily routine in some countries. You know those signs posted in US bathrooms reminding employees to wash their hands ? They’re nothing compared to Liberia’s Ebola-fighting hygiene requirements.

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